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Solano County Lawyer - Attorney Search Network works closely with a network of reputable Solano County landlord tenant attorneys and law firms who have proven experience and expertise in dealing with all legal issues involving Solano County landlord tenant law and are committed to providing the highest quality of competent legal representation.

If you or someone you know would like to get referred to a bar certified Solano County landlord tenant lawyer, contact us Toll Free at (800) 215-1190 or fill out our “Find a Solano County Lawyer” form. A qualified Solano County landlord tenant lawyer will assist you in resolving your case efficiently and expeditiously.

Solano County landlord-tenant law is the type of law that covers residential and commercial property rental (although the two are very different - Commercial Solano County Landlord Tenant Law is very different from Residential Law because many rights given to the residential tenant do not exist for the commercial tenant) as well as the relationships between an owner, or landlord, of a residence and the tenant.

The following are explanations of select subjects included in Solano County landlord tenant law:

- Leases
- Eviction
- Security Deposits

(Covered in landlord tenant law)
The lease is the legal agreement, or contract, between the landlord and tenant and is therefore the most important document in the landlord tenant relationship. The lease spells out the tenant's rights, and allows the tenant to use the property for a specified period of time. The lease sets the terms, the rent amount, the length of the tenancy, and all the other rules.

In California, an agreement to rent property may be made orally unless the term is for a period of greater than one year, in which case it must be written and signed by the parties.

(Covered in landlord tenant law)
Also known as “unlawful detainer” in Solano County, an eviction is the legal process whereby a landlord forces a tenant to move out of the property.

An unlawful detainer is treated as a civil criminal proceeding because the code describing unlawful detainer states a "tenant is guilty" of this offense, not just liable as in civil cases.
Even if a tenant moves and pays the judgment amount, the "conviction" remains on the record for 7-10 years

(Covered in landlord tenant law)
Landlords routinely require a Security Deposit to be posted as a condition of the rental agreement. In California, for residential tenancies, a Landlord may charge up to two times the monthly rent for unfurnished and up to three times the rent for furnished rental units.

The deposit is held until the Tenant moves out. The money is then supposed to be refunded within 21 days of moving out, less deductions for rent owing and charges for cleaning or repairing damages caused by excessive wear and tear. The deposit generally transfers to successive owners. A non-refundable deposit is not allowed. Thus, it is refundable no matter what the contract says.

All of our Solano County landlord tenant attorneys and law firms are members in good standing of the California Bar Association and have been subject to our pre-screening process so that we may provide you with the best legal assistance possible. To get referred to a qualified
Solano County landlord tenant lawyer
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